My latest videos

Short compilation of my speech at the International event

Top 5 steps to your dream w/confidence

Learn how to network easily.

Steps to overcome fear.

Is it really that easy to start?

Awaken YOUR Confidence – 2’47

Top 6 Tips For Moving Abroad- Rachel media interview

How to grow your confidence. It’s a skill you can learn.

My Podcasts

  • TOP 5 Confidence Hacks

     Top 5 Confidence Hacks to apply in your life right now on your journey to YOU!

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  • Dave Chesson shares his Journey and expertise as KindlePreneur

    Meet Dave, successful entrepreneur, telling us how he built his confidence and business.

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  • Podcast: Interviewed by School of Podcasting on AYC.

    Interview by Dave Jackson. We discussed my book Awaken Your Confidence using many examples.

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  • Podcast: Confidence Anywhere w/ Tayo Rockson

    How to Build your Confidence Anywhere in the World 

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  • Podcast 9’13: Confident in Business at 50+

    Interview for WISE Seniors in Business

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  • Free At Last: Live, Love, & Work Abroad: 6 Tips

    Free At Last: Live, Love, & Work Abroad. Interview where I share 6 Tips when concidering moving abroad

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  • Confidence short intro

    Grow your Confidence short podcast

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  • Netherlands: Country and culture

    Netherlands: Learn about the country and culture

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  • Learn French. Session on numbers

    Learn to speak French. In this session I teach the French numbers.

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  • Job telephone interview: Tips to succeed

    Job telephone interview: Tips to succeed.

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