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YOU are important!
As a Clarity Coach, I help you find your direction & COURAGE to make your dream real. 

You are longing for change, but you feel stuck, stressed, and just fed up.
You know deep down you're meant for something BIGGER and BETTER.

I help YOU get CLARITY & CONFIDENCE to BUILD YOUR DREAM LIFE, step by step through coaching.
Uncover what you really want, we make a plan and CREATE your exact next steps to a life you love!


BREAK FREE from the rat race to live the meaningful and fulfilled life you deserve. You have no idea where to start? Let me show you HOW.

Let's TALK.


Create a Life you Love.
Life changes, so can YOU!

  • Shift from CHAOS to CLARITY,
  • Uncover what you REALLY want in life,
  • Discover your purpose,
  • Be CONFIDENT in who you are,
  • Create a plan to achieve your dream life, step by step,
  • Overcome FEAR of the unknown, fear of failure, or fear of others,
  • Be proud of your decisions, and live your life!

Are you ready to get UNSTUCK and create a life you love?
Let's talk, create CLARITY and steps to start redesigning your life NOW.

Let me help you!

Are you ready to get unstuck and create a life you're meant to live?
I help ambitious professionals building YOUR dream life, not someone else's.

YES, I'm Ready


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  • Unstoppable Self-Confidence: The Keys to Success in Life
  • Ultimate Freedom: No Stress, No Fear
  • Lead Without Fear. Gain the Courage to Succeed.
  • Tools to overcome fear and take control of your life

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    • Grab the Courage to Change
    • Daily Affirmations to change your life
    • Power Questions to Redesign your life

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Awaken Your Confidence

Practical and easy to implement confidence hacks that you can use immediately.
Learn to change your thoughts, beliefs, routines and apply the methods in your own life. 

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Living Abroad Successfully

Do you wish you could live abroad? Where would you go? What would you do?
Find your answers to What, Where, When, How to live abroad and plan your journey with all the checklists included. 

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Rachel is remarkable! Highly informative and will listen carefully to your ambitions & make suggestions & see solutions to coax your dreams into reality. She's inquisitive & I recommend speaking to her for grounded guidance.

A. Hope

I signed up for Rachel’s 6 months coaching. I wanted clarity on my next steps, guidance from someone, who has walked the path before me, as well as the accountability.Rachel totally overdelivered. She was extremely committed to helping me along my journey and finding my own path, she held me accountable, and always had ideas – people I should reach out to, tools to try, or routines to establish. If you are looking for a committed coach, who wants you to succeed, Rachel is the one.

M. Lehner

Wow Rachel, I am amazed of how you completely grasp what I want to say. You are a real mind-connector. Suddenly everything is clear to me. Thanks!

J. Manazza

Rachel cannot easily be described in a couple of words or sentences...Her help as a coach is invaluable! She is always well prepared with tasks tailor-made to the individual, full of enthusiasm and fun! Did i mention she will stick by you through thick and thin?

P. Bardani

Working with Rachel has been a fantastic experience. She's positive, energetic and inspiring. She knows how to motivate you and she's able to identify your strengths which is really empowering. When you work with Rachel you feel everything is possible and your goals reachable! Thank you Rachel!

M. Thanopoulou

T. Teixera
Rachel’s coaching style is so amazing that I felt heard and understood, I felt supported - I am super thankful I had the chance to meet her to help me through my process.

T. Teixeira

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