I’m Rachel,

YOU are important!

My coaching is all about finding clarity. Finding clarity leads to finding the courage to live your dream. Why? Because you are clear deep in your soul. You have gifts, you have a purpose, you have talents, you know how your life should be.

Be happy, fullfilled and live a life of meaning. Realize that happiness is not only for the lucky few.

You want a career + life that others say ”wow! You’re lucky’

Maybe you’re longing for change, but you feel stuck, stressed, and fed up.
You know deep down you’re meant for something BIGGER. Something BETTER.

Get crystal clear on what you really want and free yourself from not knowing which direction to take, which way to go.

We build a plan to CREATE your exact next steps to a life you love!


BREAK FREE and live the life of meaning, purpose and abundance you envision.
No idea where to start? Let me show you.


How I can help!


You want to QUIT the daily rut and BE happy!
  • You feel overwhelmed, unsure what is right for you.
  • You have 1 million questions that keep you stuck.
  • You want to feel Confident, FREE and fulfilled.
  • You want CLARITY on how to start your journey.

There are so many options, so many things you could do, but where do you start?

How do you figure out what to do first, what life you really want to live?

In this 90 minute intensive, you’ll eliminate the confusion and overwhelm and make a clear plan of action with a starting point and actionable steps.


ONE ON ONE COACHING Coaching Program

Designed for the ambitious professional who is ready to change and start DOING THE THINGS YOU TRULY WANT!

Create plan to walk the path to FREEDOM

You want to escape your daily rut and be your own boss.

You want to wake up in a good mood every day!

You need the 3 C’s:


Click the image to find out if this is right for you.


Are you tired of your daily grind, giving away your time to a boss, climbing a ladder to nowhwere, wondering ''Is this it?''

You drag yourself to the office every morning and you think that freedom is something you only get when you retire?
STOP ‘saving’ your happiness, adventure and abundance for retirement, you can do it right NOW!

Create your 9-5 exit plan and step into your true calling.

Follow the step by step process in this program.


Create a Life you Love.

Life changes, so can YOU!

  • Shift from CHAOS to CLARITY,
  • Uncover what you REALLY want in life,
  • Discover your PURPOSE & passion,
  • Be CONFIDENT in who you are,
  • Don’t JUMP without a parachute, but transition step by step,
  • Disolve FEARS holding you back,
  • Get your ENERGY back and live your life!

     Are you ready to rediscover your (lost) passion and turn it into income?

Let’s talk, create CLARITY & CONFIDENCE & CLEAR STEPS to redesign your life NOW.

Rachel is remarkable! Highly informative and will listen carefully to your ambitions & make suggestions & see solutions to coax your dreams into reality. She's inquisitive & I recommend speaking to her for grounded guidance.

~A. Hope

I signed up for Rachel’s 6 months coaching. I wanted clarity on my next steps, guidance from someone, who has walked the path before me, as well as the accountability.Rachel totally overdelivered. She was extremely committed to helping me along my journey and finding my own path, she held me accountable, and always had ideas – people I should reach out to, tools to try, or routines to establish. If you are looking for a committed coach, who wants you to succeed, Rachel is the one.

~ M. Lehner

Wow Rachel, I am amazed of how you completely grasp what I want to say. You are a real mind-connector. Suddenly everything is clear to me. Thanks!

~J. Manazza


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