Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs

I’m delighted to show you this interview where I share my Expat challenges & story for Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs.

We are discussing the life as an Expat, the cultural differences,  languages, but also being an entrepreneur. It’s not all roszy, but WELL worth it all.

Enjoy 🙂

Thanks again to Heidi for doing this interview. And thanks to Meghan from ExpatsinBiz.

Read the article on ExpatsinBiz here:Global Entrepreneurs

Watch the interview @ ExpatsinBiz

Rachel speaks 6 languages, moved to several countries since 15 years.  Facing many challenges and opportunities along the way, but learned an amount of great experiences. She teaches her expertise in cultural training and languages.

She is a coach, mentor and author.  Her mission is to help people boost their confidence so they can use their power to get more out of life. With a clear plan, we take it step by step to go through life with a smile 🙂

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