11 Differences between Living abroad and holiday


‘’ Expats are always on VACATION’’

As if the word ‘’abroad’’ means ‘’holiday’’???

Let’s have a look at some differences.

Holiday versus living abroad:
• 4-star hotel vs cleaning and organizing your own place
• Party with your holiday buddies vs being alone and not
   knowing anybody
• Diner at the restaurants vs buy groceries and cook yourself
   or eat bread
• Cocktail at the bar or on a terrace vs walking past the bar
   and save that $
• Endless vacation vs reality, responsibility & obligations
• Sleep out all morning vs Alarm clock buzzing ‘get to work’
• Luxury gifts and souvenirs vs reasonable spending
• Fun to buy vs NEED to buy
• Spend and spoil vs work and EARN $$$
• Strolling by the beach vs hurry to be in time
• No attention to the locals or language vs Hang with the
   locals. Dine with the locals. Be one with the locals.

Clearly 2 different things.

So, if you think of Expats being on holiday, please think again. 😉

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