home sick

Miss your brother, your mom, your favourite bread, pub, or your best friend???

Expats CAN get the BLUES!

Even if moving abroad is exciting, the stress may creep up on you at some point.

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Here are 7 ways to BEAT Homesickness! 

1. GET OUT! Try not to spend too much time by yourself! Goto a busy public place like a coffee shop, a library or a park. But go outside, and you WILL feel more relaxed.

2. Keep in CONTACTwith the people at home, try to schedule regular phone calls or skype with the people you’re closest to. Not too much, but once a week is perfect.

3. EXERCISE! 2. Be active. You’re going to be more homesick if you’re stuck at your apartment or place of stay. So, run outside or on a treadmill or attend a yoga class, exercise releases endorphins, a chemical that makes you feel happy and smiley!

4. Get someone to visit. Make FRIENDS or try to! It will give you people to talk to and have fun with. A great place to meet people is at social events, so make sure you attend! Sometimes, just having shared interests helps relieve a little pain.

5. CRY it out. Don’t feel guilty for feeling bad, or weak. If you don’t like to cry, but “need” to cry, watch a sad movie that makes you cry. You’ll feel better!

6. Remember, you are NOT ALONE! Even the most flexible and ambitious people are creatures with emotions like you and me!

7. Finally, keep checking this facebook page for more information or IDEAS to get you going!

Luckely, homesickness is just a temporary feeling! So, KEEP smiling 🙂

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relax bench

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