Living in Luxury Houses

Life After Corporate, what will you do?
Can you afford luxury hotels? I wouldn’t want to stay in hotel rooms, it’s such a limited space.
Airnb could be an option, but for several reasons such as internet issues, I don’t choose that option.
Sharing rooms or apartments with other people? Not my cup of tea either.

Here are 6 Ways to help you travel the world almost for free and enjoy life after quitting corporate.
Even while I was still in corporate I started traveling longer times, from weeks to several months around the world.
The best part is: It doesn’t cost me anything to stay in luxury homes! Here are all the benefits and exactly how you can do it too.

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 Afford Luxury Cheap🍀

Video Chapters:

0:00 Would you like this?
0:14 Pay nothing
0:18 Enjoy Luxury
0:37 They ask me this all the time
0:47 Travel destinations
0:50 Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, France, and…
1:10 Escape from a corporate 9to5
1:40 Channel
2:10 #1 Tip: Choices
2:20 Life is a C
3:11 Focus – Energy flows
3:29 #2
3:50 Hotels
4:20 AirnB
4:40 TOP solution Housesit!
4:50 Video on Housesit
5:27 #3 Goal
6:10 Travel Expenses
6:45 Gym
6:52 Good coffee
7:07 Locals
7:45 #4 Food
8:51 #5 Money
9:04 7 Rules of Money
10:28 #6 Your responsibility
11:06 No Regrets
12:00 Use a Parachute!


Watch this video so you can Live Your Dreams📌

📌 Create Freedom📌

 Escape Your 9-5 to Transition into a fulfilling career & life

Don’t wait, life’s too short to waste!


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