Alone, Lost, Stranger

Hey There, 

I feel lost, disoriented, invisible, weird, uncertain, new, strange.
Today I woke up in a NEW country ALONE
I don’t know anything here,
I don’t know the area,
I don’t know where to go,
I don’t have anybody to talk to.
I feel different, odd, strange, lost, but also curious.
When I let my mind wander off, I could become negative and feeling blue, but I don’t let my mind do that to me.
I say ‘’STOP IT’’
I think about my INTENTION of making it a GREAT day!
Let’s make it a GREAT day!
I will go out
I will be curious
I will get lost to find my way
I will talk to strangers
I will continue my work and stay busy
Mindshifts is what keeps me going!
Everytime I catch my negative thoughts, I STOP it and SHIFT it to get unstuck!
That’s all it takes and guess what?
It works!☀️
I have been creating amazing days! Unlike years ago…..when I felt so sick in my stomach!
Will you try it

Shout out LOUD : ” I have a GREAT DAY!”

➡️A few years ago, I began to make shifts:

I shifted my thinking,

I shifted my feelings,

I shifted my behavior,

I shifted my LIFE!


📌I started making conscious CHOICES to CONTROL my life the way I wanted📌

Grab this free gift 🎁 and start living your DREAM LIFE. 🎁

Slowly, but surely, my life transformed.

No more pleasing others (here’s WHY), but digging deep down, figuring out what made ME FEEL FULFILLED in life.


👊Today, I am HAPPY, I’m fulfilled, and I can say I created this amazing life for myself 👊

YES, it’s possible

NO! It’s NOT a coincidence 

NO, it’s NOT luck

It’s the trust, the belief, the effort, the strategy to design my life

It’s a conscious CHOICE!

⏰Don’t wait, life’s too short to waste! ⏰


📌📌The only person to please is yourself! 📌📌

☀️ You Can change your life. You are the Decision maker of your life. You are responsible and you are in the driver’s seat. Nobody else can live your life except you. What are you waiting for?☀️ Grab this free gift 🎁 and start living your DREAM LIFE. 🎁

📌Stop wishing and START your Transformation📌

Living a confident & freedom lifestyle has been my goal and I’m achieving my dream to travel and live in many different countries. Are you taking steps towards your purpose? 

Get ready to take your next step today towards your transformation and dream life!
If I can do it, then you can too.


PS: If you want more clarity in your overload of thoughts, and breakthrough from your current situation, but you’re not sure HOW? Let’s jump on a call  so I can help you create clarity or boost your confidence, so you can live the life you love!


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