A Course of Inspiration and Actions to Help you Boost your Confidence, Feel Great about Yourself & your Life.

Here’s the link to the course on Udemy, where you can browse through the course curriculum for the entire content. You can also watch several previews of the course.
If you are ready to take action and make changes in your life, you will certainly benefit from this course. Go check it out:

Do you struggle with achieving your goals and dreams? Do you feel stuck and unclear about your future? Do you feel afraid to make changes or doubt yourself? Would you like to get clarity about yourself, your future and your next step? 

Welcome to Tools to overcome your fears and take charge, the straightforward course for learning how you can increase your confidence, deal with any fears and take charge of your life.

Being afraid and unclear about your future, or feeling uncertain and doubting yourself is very common for many people. These worries can prevent you from taking important decisions and actions that could impact your life to a great extent.  

The good news is that you can learn to overcome fears and figure out the direction that is best for you in your life. 

 This course I will show you how with practical tips you can begin using immediately, even before you finish all the lessons. 

Some of the strategies I discuss and help you discover through hands-on activities include: 

  • Power questions that can change your life
  • Self-awareness through self-reflection
  • Cognitive restructuring
  • Disrupting negative self-talk: the short cut
  • Self-confidence self-test with scores
  • The use of questioning and counter statement to fear thoughts

This course will take you through the process, from the source of fears, to overcome them and take action!


Rachel is a bestselling Author, speaker and lecturer.

Her book “Awaken Your Confidence: 15 People share their Journey to Success”, is available on Amazon
As a BONUS, you receive all the video interviews and mp3’s as well.

I empower people to awaken their confidence through facing one’s fears by taking action, use failures as feedback and acknowledge one’s uniqueness.

Rachel lived and worked in several countries for 14+ years. Speaking 6 languages, she will gladly support you in your goals, boost your confidence and create your plan to make it happen.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you want to make a change in your life, it’s never too late.

Life changes and so can YOU!!!

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