Expat interview live: Rachel meets Ali, founder of Costa Women

In this interview I introduce you to a great woman, Ali Meehan, founder of Costa Women:

Costa Women, the largest social networking community for Women living in Spain, or other countries. It is free and provides an essential connection point for Women, along with space for you to join in and get real life tips and advice about your journey.
Contact Ali on facebook: costawomen Twitter: @costawomen Linkedin: Costa Women Entrepreneurs Pinterest/costawomen Google+

Spain is where Ali has now settled after travelling the globe over the last 20 years and working in Australia, the Middle East and Asia.

Do you feel ambitious and want to get more out of life before you grow old? Are you ready to expand your experiences ABROAD, but don’t know how? Let me help you plan and prepare to make your change REAL

 As an expat since 14 years, I have lived in many countries and learned 6 languages. I had to overcome challenges and found my way each time again….new job, new home, new people, new language..

My first move was the hardest decision, but I have never had any regrets. And now I can grow old and say ‘’I have done it’’. You can too!

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