How often do you think about changing your life? You imagine yourself happy, fulfilled, maybe living in a different location, a different career, or with different people, and then suddenly you come back to reality….and… your dream remains… a dream.
Because changes cause FEAR. Fear of the UNKNOWN.

The extreme form of the Fear of the Unknown is called Xenophobia, which most of us are not, but we do often let this fear of the unknown rule our lives. If we allow that fear to control our lives, we choose to live our lives in our comfort zone instead of stepping into the unknown which is when you truly start to live your life to the fullest.

Wanting to pursue your dreams means you have to change certain things. And change comes with FEARS.

Change is the enemy of comfort.

Let’s say you dream about quitting your 9-5 or starting your own business. You may ask yourself ‘What if I fail? What if it’s not right for me? What will happen? What will other people say?’’

Whose life are you living? Yours or someone else’s? Remember someone else’s opinions doesn’t have to become your reality. Are you trying to make someone else happy or yourself?

Take a look at this video below about a specific Fear of the Unknown and how to overcome it:

We fear the unknown because we can’t anticipate the outcome.

Mind or Heart

Our mind creates our reality. What we think, we become.

It happens to all of us, we think a LOT, and when we start thinking, we are up in our minds, asking a million questions ‘’what if’’, and the more we are stuck in our minds, the more we create worries, we create fears, we create doubts….and….we stay stuck. Result: nothing happens.

While we’re in our head, we go out of our hearts, but it’s within us that lies our passion, our inner guide, our intuition, and it’s that voice that is our guide to what we truly want.

How can you get OUT of your mind, in to your heart and actually create the life that you want?

When we think too much, we’ll hear our mind telling us ‘’be careful, watch out.”
When we stay in our heart and listen, we hear ‘’do it’’ ‘do what makes you happy and fulfilled.’’

We are taught to plan things well, be realistic or rational. But life never unfolds exactly as planned. If you want to make a perfect plan, you’re making your life so difficult because in reality, life has twists and turns and circumstances that deviate from the plan.


Change Change Change

 There’s only one constant in life and that is CHANGE

Fears are NORMAL. If you step out of your comfort zone it IS scary. But it’s the steps that count, not the feeling of fear. The feeling of fear keeps you stuck, paralyzed. So focus on the steps, the action you can take towards your dream.

“Life is like riding a bicycle; to keep your balance you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein

When I quit my corporate job, it was terrifying, leaving the financial security,the benefits, the status quo,…,but I listened to my heart and trusted my gut feeling saying ‘’it’s time to change, trust yourself, a new path will unfold and make you happy.’’
My drive and biggest motivation is the thought of growing old thinking ‘’what if I had done it’’ and I certainly don’t want to wait till I’m 80 years old. NO! I want to live my life NOW.

Most people live a life, raise a family, earn a living and die. A lot of people complain they are unhappy, but they don’t’ do anything about  the situation. They don’t push themselves, and they stay where they are.

Are you complaining or actually doing something about your situation?

Living with fear stops us taking risks, and if you don’t go out on the branch, you’re never going to get the best fruit. -Sarah Parish

Do it NOW
LIVE In the present! The NOW. If you live in the future, you create worries. It is NOW that you create your future. By living in the NOW you are creating your future the way you want to design it!

Take small steps. Today, not tomorrow.

“Most people talk about fear of the unknown, but if there is anything to fear, it is the known.” Deepak Chopra

Why should you fear the known? The known tells you exactly what’s going to happen and if it’s going to be bad. Whereas with the unknown you have no idea if it’s going to be bad for you. In fact, the unknown could be the best thing to ever happen to you!


If you want to live your dreams and embrace life, you have to be fearless and willing to step into the unknown.  That’s the only way you can achieve the life you truly want and deserve, you have to take action! 

Go towards your fear, shake hands with your fear. Step OUT of your comfort zone.

If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done before.

Are you ready to change your future?

What action, small step can you take today to get closer to your fear?
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Enjoy your Freedom Life !


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