Your very FIRST day abroad.

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Today someone asked me:

”Rachel, what is the first thing you do when you arrive abroad?”

On the very first day I try to figure out where I am living.

Usually I rent an appartment, which is where I arrive the day that the movers come too.

First I unpack the most crucial stuff-which for me are the bed-covers so that I know I will sleep in my own comfortable bed!

Then I step out of the door and have a look at the street that I live in.

What is the house next to me like?
What is at the end of my street?
How do I get to the nearest grocery shop?
How do I get on the highway?

Then, when I wandered off, farther and farther away….comes the BIG CHALLENGE:

How do I get back HOME????

OOOOPS, which street did I take? Left or right?
Was it this house? They all look the same!!!! *&^*&^**#@#@

When I then asked people where (my own) street is, 
I jump up and down screaming:
” I FOUND MY HOME !!!!!”

And that is exactly WHAT I do on my first day abroad!

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