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Here's what others are saying:

I am so grateful to have worked with Rachel as my coach–twice. Several years ago she helped me find the clarity and confidence I needed to tackle a major endeavor in my career. She was both insightful and supportive.

So fast-forward to this year, when I needed someone to coach me over the finish-line of my latest endeavor, I called for help. She jumped right in with her positive energy and great advice, and quickly helped me create the action plan I needed. Then she held me accountable to my action plan, which is the real value of a coach for me.

I owe a great deal of my success to Rachel.

I highly recommend her.

Annalisa Smithson

Rachel showed me that I can work towards my goals by doing what I love. She just “click and to the point” right away!

In our first meeting, Rachel questioned my perception of goals. She said: ” Achieve financial freedom in 10 years? Why not a year from now?”. Well, I didn’t believe it, BUT here I am on my way to achieving it in 1 year!

From week one, I started to implement Rachel’s method hesitantly honestly speaking, but IT WORKS. She understands and adapts to my preferences in coaching methods. Rachel’s methods, guidance, and tips helped me gain clarity and confidence. Using a clear plan and enjoy the learning curve.

I’ll contact her again in the near future when I’m on my next steps.

Bottom line: Her coaching awesomeness shines through!!!”

Patrecia S.

If you are someone currently having trouble finding clarity and a clear purpose in life, Rachel is the person to speak to.

Her ability to help create a clear road map, as well as keep you aware of possible obstacles and how to tackle them, has been really helpful.

Rachel really does take the effort to understand her client’s goals, objectives and aspirations, and does not shy away from encouraging them to leave no stones unturned.

Her contagious entrepreneurial mindset allows others to achieve their absolute potential. It is no surprise that her skills as a clarity coach is held in high regard all over.

A. Menon

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