From Fear to Freedom 

I STOPPED being afraid
I used to be overweight, shy and afraid,
Afraid of people staring at me,
Afraid of what people think of me,
Afraid of going to the gym,
Wrapping sweaters around my hips,
Wearing black, trying to be invisible,
because I hated my body,
I was so self-conscious and unhappy😥

🧿️Today, most people know me as a happy, healthy & fit woman, traveling the world. I’m known to be a Clarity Coach for ambitious who want an escape plan from their 9- 5 so that they have the freedom to be their own boss, making income from their passion.

🧿️What you may now know about me is how shy I was, how I struggled through my teens and adulthood. I had such a low self-confidence, always afraid to speak up, afraid of what others would think, afraid of saying something stupid. I felt I was not good enough and I used food to feel better. Emotional eating 101. This resulted in feeling worse and eating more.
In the beginning of my corporate years, I hated meetings as I was the only one never talking. I felt trapped, suffocated, and craved freedom.


🧿️What I’ve learned is that I can actually CHANGE. I deserve to be the person I want to be. I am good enough and I create the life I want.
I needed to make the decision and be willing to step out of my comfort bubble and face my fears.
I learned to grow the muscle of CONFIDENCE.
I learned that nobody is born with confidence but every successful person out there had to learn it too.
I had ONE very clear thought that is still my drive today: ‘’I do NOT want to grow old with regrets!’’👊
I want to LIVE and I am 100% solely responsible for my life.

🧿️The reason I do what I do today is because too many people are struggling with feeling trapped in their daily grind, not feeling fulfilled but
🔸afraid to quit,
🔸afraid to take steps,
🔸afraid of what others might say,
🔸afraid because of limiting beliefs holding them back.
So I help them create a plan with clear steps to transition from their 9-5 into growing their own business online so they can have the freedom to do what they want, when and where they want.

🧿️Today, traveling the world gives me the greatest energy, inspiration and the feeling of FREEDOM makes all the effort and steps worthwhile.

What are you doing right NOW to have the future you want? One tiny action is all it takes

👉You want to know more? Simply click the contact button and drop a note and If I can help you create your plan or share more, I’d be happy to do so.

Ready to create the life you really want?

Don’t wait, life’s too short to waste!

Get ready to take your next step today towards your transformation and dream life!

PS: If you’re ready to escape your job and become a freedompreneur, but you don’t know where to start, let’s have a clarity call. Costs are on me and we’ll create a customized plan for you to make income from your passion. Schedule your call here.


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