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Here's what others are saying:

Rachel is calm kind and sympathetic. She is thoroughly reliable and follows up quickly after sessions with links and ideas. She mixes no-nonsense advice with encouragement to dream of what a better life looks like and plan how to get there.

Rachel’s ready laugh and great warmth mean I always look forward to our sessions.

Tanya W.

Dear Rachel, Thanks for your wonderful insights in our coaching process. Working with you has been a treat. Not only did you get me and my weird thoughts that kept me stuck, but you also gave me tools and held me accountable to move towards action and results. What I really liked is that you built your coaching on what already was there in my toolbox and combined that with yours to move me forward towards more clarity for my life journey.

Your continuous and appreciative feedback helped me see and acknowledge more of what already was there to work with. Thanks again and I really appreciate your support on my journey.

S. Hansen

Rachel, a TRUE GENUINE LADY, I truly love that about you.

You inspire me and I always feel more confident and happier when I get through each video or read your words. Finding you has made me more determined.

Life is too short and I don’t want to live with REGRETS!

Faye S.

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