3 Simple Steps To Overcome Corona Fear

The Corona virus concerns all of us, that’s a fact.
The Anxiety related to it is spreading through social contagion but that’s something we can easily STOP, minimize and CONTROL!

💡💡Here’s HOW:
Uncertainty causes anxiety.
Anxiety is a strange monster.🔱
Anxiety and Panic are born from FEAR.
Fear has its function to help us survive and fight or flight the tiger.
Yet, these days, the chances to be crossing a tiger in the street is….not so big 🐅🐅🐅

The Corona virus is unknown and we lack information.

The virus is new and the lack of information causes uncertainty.
Uncertainty causes our brain to spin around and fill up with stories of worst case scenarios.
We, social creatures share our stories and anxiety which causes a snowball effect
Resulting in massive anxiety through social contagion.
Think about someone telling their story of fear of losing a job, fear of getting sick, fear of dying, etc….
🔺 These scary stories enter our BRAIN that believes this is TRUE and will HAPPEN!🔺
The cocktail MIX of fear, anxiety, panic, overwhelm causes the left hemisphere or rational part of our brain to shut down. Rationally, we know we don’t need 36 packs of toilet paper or bottles of hand soap, but we see others do it and we follow that behavior as their anxiety contaminates us.

🔸1- Become AWARE that you are in fear and in panic mode
🔸2- Understand the RESULT of that fear.
🔸3- Reframe your thoughts into a better story

You will notice that your fear is not helping you survive but rather creates more fear and reduces your immune system, causing less resistance to the corona virus.

💡💡 For example, you noticed someone came too close to you in the supermarket.
Suddenly you start to worry:“Oh no, I was too close, maybe I’ll get sick!”,
1- Be aware of your thought
2- How is this helping you? The story is not a fact, but a believe that causes more fear
3- Take a breath and think ‘’I didn’t touch my face, I wash my hands again when I get home, I can use a disinfectant cream or tissue right now’’ “‘I will be just fine’’✅
🔸This SIMPLE exercise creates a pause in your thoughts, which gives your left hemisphere of your brain come back to normal functioning and ‘’Think logically’💡💡
The more you do this and see the positive rather than negative, the more your brain will move to positive and you will feel less fearful, hence better. 😊 😊

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