10 easy TIPS to Learn a Foreign Language

time to speak

  1. Watch your favourite TV SHOW in the language you are studying or have your TV ON while you do other things in the house, so you can hear it.

  2. Listen to the RADIO in the new language. Even if you don’t understand it, your unconsciousness picks it up!

  3. Read children’s BOOKS in the language you want to learn.

  4. Watch a MOVIE in the language you are studying and use subtitles so you understand the movie, but you practice HEARING the new language.

  5. Set your E-MAIL settings entirely in the new language. As you know well enough how to compose an email or read your Inbox, you can learn all the new words when browsing in your inbox.

  6. Go to restaurants where that foreign language is spoken and order from the MENU in the language.

  7. Sitting in TRAFFIC?  Listen to foreign music and practice singing along. 

  8. Read a NEWS ARTICLE or magazine in a foreign language. With the pictures and headings, you will have some understanding of the meaning.

  9. Make CARDS with vocabulary words and carry them around with you or make Post-its to hang around your house.

  10. 10.  Join recreational ACTIVITIES with people who speak the language you are studying. Examples: biking, running, bridge, Fitness, shopping, etc.

NO more excuses and just SPEAK SPEAK SPEAK!!!

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