Top Transformational BOOKS

One LIFE, No Regret.

Imagine being 90 years old, you’re looking back upon your life,
and all you can think is ” What if I had done it?”
What if I had done what I really wanted?
What if I had traveled the world?
What if I had started my own business?

🧿️You want to be that person?
I know I don’t!
I stopped feeling afraid of what others think of me, following the crowd, doing what others expect from me.

🧿️ I just want to be happy NOW.
I want to be happy, fulfilled, feel joy and above all, feel the freedom to do what I want.
My life transformed once I began reading specific books and applying it in my life.
Here’s my very favorite list.

       My Most Life-Changing Books

  • The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
    The Two Decisions That Move Your Biggest Goals from Possible, to Probable, to Inevitable. The secret to unlocking your full potential—all day, every day. With 7000+ reviews, you understand how powerful this book is.
  • A Course in Miracles
    This book changed my life. It’s a big commitment to read these 365 lessons, but this was the START to my spiritual journey that taught me to be happy with my Self, not my Ego. This is not just a book, it’s a transformational study.
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
    You are a miracle. You already have everything you need. You already are everything you want to be and this book will show you how to fight your ego to become more content and present.
  • Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins
    Learn how to achieve the extraordinary quality of life you desire and deserve, and how to master your personal and professional life
  • The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey
    Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose. Learn how to activate your deepest vision of yourself, creating not just a life of success, but one of significance. (audio book)

Don’t miss these 2 next ones by a very special author 🙂

  • Living Abroad Successfully by Rachel Smets 
    Do you wish you could live abroad? Where would you go? What would you do once you got there? Whether your dream is to escape your current life, become a globetrotter, explore new career paths or just enjoy life elsewhere, this book is for you.

Books are a great part of my life, my transformational journey and I hope they will be meaningful to you too.
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