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Interview with Rachel Smets. How To Increase Your Self-Esteem And Confidence in many areas.

Today, I was a special guest on Dominika’s amazing podcast show: The Expat Career Lifestyle.
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She began her episode by introducing me like this: 
”Our special guest today is Rachel Smets, Speaker, author, and trainer
She helps people to awaken their confidence and become the inspired person they want to be.
For the past 15 years, Rachel lived in several countries. She speaks 6 languages! And published two books and writing a 3d.”

I felt she did her research well and just like her I was prepared for her questions. We knew what we would talk about but as I don’t like scripts, I wanted to answer everything spontaneously. As a real conversation. It was loaded with energy as we both are passionate about helping people that feel stuck somehow. Some struggle to integrate in a new country and other struggle in their careers or relationships. 

We discussed a bit of my background to explain how I increased my confidence by moving abroad. Then, I shared my TOP confidence hacks and how you can use them in your life. I also shared personal examples, because I only learned from my own challenges and mistakes. 

We also talked about how to increase your self-esteem and confidence. And commented on my bestseller: “Awaken Your Confidence: 15 People Share Their Journey to Success”.

To summarize, in this episode you are going to learn:

  • what is the biggest challenge while living abroad and how to overcome it
  • how to keep your confidence up when moving abroad, looking for a new career or starting your own business
  • the benefits of improving your confidence
  • what successful people do to boost their confidence
  • get Rachel’s free gift

Hope you enjoy! 


Thank you very much!


Rachel is Author of the Bestseller ” Awaken Your Confidence: 15 People Share Their Journey to Success”,


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