Medical care in an a foreign language , another scary expat challenge?

Surgery…..SCARY….or worse?

Usually surgery can be very scary and no fun!
A lot of insecurities and questions….right?
Can it get WORSE?
Imagine needing surgery in a FOREIGN country!
When you don’t speak the language……
As an expat you have many challenges to get through.

What if you need medical care or surgery?
You first need to FIND a doctor.
Then you need to EXPLAIN your pain or problem.
But you don’t speak the same LANGUAGE!

Then what do you do? 

Imagine you cannot explain your issues, you have no clue what the doctor is trying to explain….
and your FEAR increases!
What can you do?

Say what you WANT and get the treatment you need.
Feel comfortable and let go of FEAR!
Learn conversations in French, Dutch, English, German, Spanish, …with Rachel 

No need for long classes filled with theory, but hands-on conversations to use daily
and save you from a lot of pain and stress in many occasions.

First skype session is FREE !

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