‘Objects of Attachment’


What objects do you take with you everytime you move?

What can you NOT miss when you move through cities, countries, and continents?

This was the question I was asked last week by Ira, who’s doing research for a PhD. And yes….the picture shows my item. 🙂

Are these objects valuable artefacts? Books? Or are they ‘comfort objects’, pictures or a security blanket used to provide psychological comfort, especially in new situations.

Studies have shown adults take comfort objects with them while moving to a different place of living, as well as on business trips to remind them of home. A comfort object can be anything; it is a dear friend, one that has been with you through all your adventures. Very often these objects have been much used, sometimes broken and stuck together, sometimes useless, but one just can’t let them go, because they do become your replacement for close others. These are no longer just material, they are objects of attachment. Many stories are locked away in these objects.

My teddy ”Pitou” has been with me since I left my parents house many years ago. When I arrive in a new country and try to adjust to all the UNKNOWN, then I take comfort in the warmth and familiar teddy and cuddle up beside him. And well, I don’t care what age I am, because I LIKE IT!! 

Ira’s photo essay is exhibited at De Meerse (Gallery and theatre), Hoofddorp, Netherlands.

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