Remember ONE Decade ago?

One decade ago, I had NO idea my life would transform in such an amazing way.

One decade ago, I was feeling utterly miserable.

Never in a million years, I would have imagined I could be sitting across the globe, in Australia writing this post🏝️🏝️


Do you remember where you were one decade ago❓  

In 2009, my life looked like this:

  • I had a successful career, on the OUTSIDE 
  • On the INSIDE, I was STRESSED out and burned out
  • I did what was expected from me, because I was a #1 PEOPLE PLEASER
  • Making others proud was a trend in my life, pleasing my parents, my teachers, my ex, my peers, my bosses and colleagues. Everyone BUT me!!!
  • I was SHY, self-conscious and introverted, never sharing my own thoughts
  • I had one consistent WORRY: what would others think of me?
  • I COMPARED myself to others all the time, felt jealous of their happiness. They were so lucky, and I wasn’t.

   ➨➨➨Bottom line: I was UNHAPPY 😞😞

📌Care too much about what others think, you will remain their prisoner. – Lao Tzu 📌

➡️A few years later, I began to make shifts:

I shifted my thinking,

I shifted my feelings,

I shifted my behavior,

I shifted my LIFE!


📌I started making conscious CHOICES to CONTROL my life the way I wanted📌

Slowly, but surely, my life transformed.

No more pleasing others (here’s WHY), but digging deep down, figuring out what made ME FEEL FULFILLED in life.


⏭⏭Fast forward some years, I began doing what I LOVE ❤️:

  • published 2 bestsellers
  • 2 TEDx talks
  • Became an international speaker
  • Co-author several books
  • Have a website, blog, online business 
  • Teach and supervise students at the university 
  • Be a cultural diversity expert
  • Travel the world and see magnificent places
  • Coach my superb clients to help Change their life 
  • Have a variety of online courses
  • Start growing my YouTube channel 
  • ….


👊Today, I am HAPPY, I’m fulfilled, and I can say I created this amazing life for myself 👊

YES, it’s possible

NO! It’s NOT a coincidence 

NO, it’s NOT luck

It’s the trust, the belief, the effort, the strategy to design my life

It’s a conscious CHOICE!

And it all starts with one decision: I’m ready to change my life and chose my happiness. 

A life WITHOUT regrets. 


⏭A decade from now, in 2030, I want to continue this path of freedom, growth, and happiness, a life I love.


What is YOUR wish for 2030❓

What will you have accomplished in a decade from now❓

Do you want it to be different than the past decade❓

⏰Don’t wait, life’s too short to waste! ⏰


📌📌The only person to please is yourself! 📌📌

🍀It’s possible to redesign your life if you stop doing what others expect from you.
Take charge of your own life today. Take responsibility.

Are you listening to yourself? ❓

☀️ You Can change your life. You are the Decision maker of your life. You are responsible and you are in the driver’s seat. Nobody else can live your life except you. What are you waiting for?☀️

📌Stop wishing and START your Transformation📌

Living a confident & freedom lifestyle has been my goal and I’m achieving my dream to travel and live in many different countries. Are you taking steps towards your purpose? 

Get ready to take your next step today towards your transformation and dream life!
If I can do it, then you can too.


PS: If you want more clarity in your overload of thoughts, and breakthrough from your current situation, but you’re not sure HOW? Let’s jump on a call  so I can help you create clarity or boost your confidence, so you can live the life you love!


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