Online business is harder than I thought

Starting your online business can feel very hard and many people give up when they don’t see results.
You’re not alone, and I certainly know how it feels.
Having a ton of ideas can be great, but also overwhelming.
Talking to others can help, but so often family and friends just don’t get it and that takes energy and creates doubt, insecurity and more fear.
So how can you stay motivated?

In this video you’ll learn 3 ways to stay motivated as a beginner entrepreneur.

👇10 Genuine Ways to Make Money Online

Content Table of the video:
0:00 Some days you feel like this
0:09 Give up
0:17 Let your mind touch the future
0:49 Normal?
1:48 When motivation flies
2:00 It’s too slow
2:36 The lack
3:03 #1 Focus on this
4:05 Garbage
4:35 Make money
5:33 #2 DD
7:10 Cognitive bandwidth & attention residue
8:12 #3 Your destination
9:46 One that excites you
10:40 Do this and motivation will follow
11:20 Visualize like this
11:50 You won’t go back to 9-5
12:25 Roadmap to escape your office job

Watch this video so you can Live Your Dreams📌

Enjoy watching🍀
📌  Create Freedom📌

Ready to Escape Your 9-5?

Don’t wait, life’s too short to waste!

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