Start-up your Business at the age of 50.

Fear or Confident?

Starting a business can be challenging, and reaching success is not  guaranteed. Now, when you are over 50, you may feel more fearful. You are no longer living at your parents’ house, you have your own family to support, and you don’t want to take huge risks. 

Should you let go of your dream?

Do you have a chance to succeed?

Can you Awaken your confidence and go for it? 

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or find the mp3 Here

I was interviewed by Wendy Mayhew, who is a Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur.

Wendy is the founder of WISE,  She is devoted to help entrepreneurs over 50 years of age that are starting or wanting to start their own business.

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Listen to the Podcast HERE 

or fine the mp3 Here

Rachel is Author, speaker, teacher.

Her Bestseller”Awaken Your Confidence: 15 People Share Their Journey to Success” is available on Amazon

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Life Changes, and so can you!



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