Rachel interviews Carla, who moved out of Africa to explore the world

In this interview with Carla, she shares her story from moving out of Africa to experience the entire world. She moved  to many countries, and faced many challenges each time.

Carla Horta is a successful stylist, Specialized in COLOURING  and Makeovers. CarlaH  Hairstudio is one of the most kept secrets in Haarlem, Netherlands :  Her Passion, Precision and Perfectionism will surprise you.

From all over the world, she has clients from 90 different countries, who enjoy her creative, styling hands and warm heart to give you your perfect make-over. In her beautiful garden she will let you taste her most famous cappuccino.

Carla’s  contact: – Salon T: 0031(0)23 537015 –  M: 0031 (0)6198 40020

Do you feel ambitious and want to get more out of life before you grow old? Are you ready to expand your experiences ABROAD, but don’t know how? Let me help you plan and prepare to make your change REAL

 As an expat since 14 years, I have lived in many countries and learned 6 languages. I had to overcome challenges and found my way each time again….new job, new home, new people, new language..

My first move was the hardest decision, but I have never had any regrets. And now I can grow old and say ‘’I have done it’’. You can too!

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