The importance of SLEEP!



The importance of SLEEP!

As Expats we can become stressed and overwhelmed with all the CHANGES.

However, the more stressed, the more we SHOULD find ways to relax. 

Meditation can help, but do you take that TIME?

‘’1 hour /day…that’s sooooo LONG!’’
‘’20min /day….maybe, but…..?
I hear you….

So, how about your SLEEP! We all have to sleep, right?

Let’s look at the benefits!

1- Did you know if sleep WELL, this benefits your heart, weight, mind, and more.

2- Researchers have also found that getting good sleep can supplement medication for pain, so it reduces the chronic pain, but also reduces the risk of injuries!

3- Your Immunity becomes stronger and you will be less likely to get a cold or become sick.

4- Your MOOD is much better after a good night’s sleep! Just remember last time you slept bad, where you relaxed and enjoyable to be with all day???

5- Sufficient sleep reduces health problems, such as heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes, and obesity.

6- It is shown that enough sleep results in a better sex life.

7- Your weight will be maintained easier with enough sleep, as conversely, sleep loss goes along with an increased risk of weight gain. 

8- Your memory and Thinking also improves, as people who are sleep-deprived are worse at solving logic or math problems than when well-rested. 

Whatever you do all day long, make sure you SLEEP at night!!!

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