WEF – Women Economic Forum @DenHaag, Netherlands



This World Conference was an amazing experience. People flying in from all over the world to attend this Journey together. The founder, Harbeen arranges these gatherings worldwide. It started and is a  huge event in her home land: India. Now, it’s known worldwide.

It was such an honor to be invited as a speaker. Sharing my journey, but mostly, adding inspiration and motivation to the audience.

My main message was to take steps to build and create the future that YOU want! Small steps, each time, even if it’s very scary, we can only overcome fear by facing them.

Also, our past is important to look at, once in a while, in order to build a new future. The future we want to create. It is good to look at our past experiences, failures, mistakes and successes. Look at where you are coming from. But do NOT stick to your past, yet, stay focused to your destination. Your future! 

Failure is FEEDBACK!

Use your experiences, good and bad, as lessons towards your future.

Life changes, and so can YOU!!!


WEF Linked jan WEF with Sukaj


Rachel at WEF

WEF with Bershan Shaw

WEF with Yvonne





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Life changes, and so can YOU!!!

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