You Can Figure it out!

I am too old to start a new business,
I don’t understand all the tech stuff,
I am not smart enough to change careers,
Too many others are doing it, so I have NO chance to succeed,
My family will never approve,…

These 👆were my exact words while I was in corporate, trying to ESCAPE it, but just didn’t know HOW to do, so I kept on telling myself all these stories, which in hindsight were holding back.



👉What are excuses, really?
Excuses are rationalizations we make to ourselves.
Excuses are invented reasons to defend our behavior.
Excuses are stories to avoid taking responsibility.

👉Why do we make excuses?
Mostly because of underlying FEARS and insecurties:
🔸Fear of failure
🔸Fear of uncertainty
🔸Fear of what others will say
🔸Fear of rejection
🔸Fear of judgment

👉Guess what?

👉Many people say ‘’I am too old, I didn’t grow up with all this technology, social media, video stuff….’’
🔸You didn’t grow up driving, but you figured it out!
🔸You didn’t grow up reading/writing, but you figured it out!
🔸You didn’t grow up with a smartphone, but you figured it out!

👉HOW can you STOP excuses and MOVE FORWARD to live your dream!

🔸Be aware of and admit you are making excuses
🔸Ask yourself WHY you are making the excuses
🔸List how these excuses are preventing you from moving forward in your life
🔸Remove your fears (watch THIS motivational video)
🔸Focus on opportunities instead of problems.

You get what you look for. When you look for problems and regrets, that is what you will get. Look for solutions and opportunities and you WILL find them.
When I focused on how much I HATED my corporate job, it kept me stuck in that job.
When I SHIFTED and focused on the life I wanted to live, that is when I saw opportunities, I learned, I moved towards that new life and attracted more of it. TODAY, I am living my dream life

⛔️⛔️STOP making excuses that limit you from achieving your goals.


📌Excuses will make you regret “the road not taken”📌

👉Want to figure out how to escape your daily rat race and live life without regrets?

I’ve been working with ambitious souls to help them create a clear plan for their future which helps them to finally create the life they desire. A life with fulfillment and happiness.
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Don’t wait, life’s too short to waste!


Get ready to take your next step today towards your transformation and dream life!
If I can do it, then you can too.


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