What Our Clients Say

Vanessa Polonia

Since I met Rachel it has been a “before” and “after”!

I was able to recognise my negative patterns, shift into more positive outcomes and also be aware of the opportunities that was not able to see.
My world has changed towards the goal I wanted, having big goals and going towards them are now in my list everyday. Rachel is a very dedicated coach, positive creature that makes you believe in yourself and the possibilities of life.

I was stuck and now I feel more free and more me. She strongly believes in what she does and you can feel that energy through the sessions.

I highly recommend her if you feel stuck in life/career, and also if you want to experience some magic in your life!

A. Hope

Rachel is remarkable! Highly informative and will listen carefully to your ambitions & make suggestions & see solutions to coax your dreams into reality. She’s inquisitive & I recommend speaking to her for grounded guidance.

Caroline Wacheke

6-month career coaching program with Rachel and my life will never be the same again.

When I met Rachel in December my life and career were at crossroads. I literally felt like I had to give up one for the other.
What a journey it has been being coached and mentored by Rachel. The things I have learned about myself, my family life, my career, and my ambitions…there is NO WAY I would have figured out these by myself. It would have literally taken me 5+ years to know this information even existed.

Rachel, this has been the best investment I have made in my life and in my career. I am now confident about having the best of both worlds my life/my family and a thriving career.

The journey you have taken me through and held my hand every step of the way does not end here…it has just begun. The knowledge, the experience, and the practical steps I need to take every single day will carry me through and help me succeed in my career for the next several years.

Thank you for everything…I miss you already!

Virginia Lio

Dear Rachel, thank you very much for guiding me in the right direction.
I felt overwhelmed, lack of energy and completely lost touch with myself, but you guide me to focus on myself, think clearly and plan to leap abroad, your encouraging, positive, supportive methods got me back on my path!

I appreciated you so much!

Christoph von T.

Rachel, thank you so so much.

You are such an incredible support. So looking forward to be taking this to the next step.

I am really touched by how passionate and generous you are about my project. Me too. Can’t tell you how grateful I am that you are helping me to get all the right focus.

Looking forward to our next session.

A million thanks smile

Ihab Tabbara

Rachel is truly an amazing Tedx Coach . She is very meticulous, understand the client requirements.

I was lost at the beginning and didn’t know where to start. She put you on the right direction and get the job done . I couldn’t have chosen a better person then Rachel .

I highly recommend everyone to reach out to her if you want to create content for your Tedx speech.
Thank you Rachel for this experience

Michaela Lehner

I signed up for Rachel’s 6 months coaching. I wanted clarity on my next steps, guidance from someone, who has walked the path before me, as well as the accountability.

Rachel totally overdelivered. She was extremely committed to helping me along my journey and finding my own path, she held me accountable, and always had ideas – people I should reach out to, tools to try, or routines to establish.

If you are looking for a committed coach, who wants you to succeed, Rachel is the one.

Bianca B.

Rachel is like no other, she has positive attitude and enormous energy.
I decided to join her coaching programme because I needed clarity and guidance.

She helped take away the panic, get into the right mindset and gain structure and focus.

I have a concrete action plan for the next 3, 6 and 12 months.
If you have ever considered a clarity coach, Rachel is your lady!”

Annalisa Smithson

I am so grateful to have worked with Rachel as my coach–twice.

Several years ago she helped me find the clarity and confidence I needed to tackle a major endeavor in my career.
She was both insightful and supportive. So fast-forward to this year, when I needed someone to coach me over the finish-line of my latest endeavor, I called for help.

She jumped right in with her positive energy and great advice, and quickly helped me create the action plan I needed. Then she held me accountable to my action plan, which is the real value of a coach for me.

I owe a great deal of my success to Rachel. I highly recommend her. 


Mirjana M.

Traveling and working abroad was always a dream of mine and Rachel encouraged me to follow my dreams and to just do it. 

Through all the ups and downs I had – sometimes on a weekly basis – Rachel taught me to see the positive things, to learn from challenges, to learn from mistakes and to turn them into new opportunities. 

 Rachel has the talent that she never criticizes people, she never gave me the feeling i made a “mistake”, even I was stubborn sometimes 🙂  Instead she shows how different steps show different results. 

 I’ve grown with her a lot in the last years knowing there is still much to learn out there, but I’m not afraid because Rachel is here! 

She’s not just a coach but also an incredibly intelligent and warm-hearted person! 😀

Giulia D.N.

Rachel is amazing!

She is a great coach and helps you keep your motivation high!


Clare Muldowney

Whether you want a change in direction or support to persue a new route, Rachel will champion your cause.

Her generosity in both time and resources have enabled me to find clarity and the confidence to do what I  want; to become the person I truly want to be; to live life on my terms. For the past 6 months she has been tireless in her efforts to bring me to my goal.

I am so grateful to Rachel for her efforts and patience with me throughout our entire coaching relationship. I happily encourage anyone who needs support to talk to Rachel and see what she can do for you.
You will not be disappointed

KG Seattle

Working with Rachel has been an exciting journey! She has great energy and ideas and is very skilled at tuning into what each person needs to make a change in their life.

 Rachel has helped me turn the corner and take action to start transitioning away from my corporate desk job and move into a new field that I was curious about. I have worked with Rachel to make a gradual shift and to do it with clear intention. 

I have renewed energy and am moving through this change in a way that is responsible and planned.

When I started working with Rachel I was burned out, stressed, and tired and knew I needed to make a change but didn’t know how.

 Rachel helped me work through the angst and ambiguity of not knowing what to do or how to do it, and she helped me map out a path to a better lifestyle that works with my timing, financial needs, and comfort level with change.

Rachel is relatable, dependable, and a great communicator, and she will “get” you and where you are in your current life and help you move forward toward your future vision.


Gregory Dharma LePard

If you dream about leaving your 9 to 5 and doing your own thing, you will need some help. If for advice, ideas, or even that you are good enough, you need Rachel to help you out.

Rachel is a person who can help, you may not even notice it happening, but over time, you will be in a better place to make a change; to what your real dream is.

That is the fantastic thing; you will find out what you really want, which makes working with Rachel so amazing; you will find your dream and go for it.

Patrecia S.

Rachel showed me that I can work towards my goals by doing what I love. She just “click and to the point” right away!

In our first meeting, Rachel questioned my perception of goals. She said: ” Achieve financial freedom in 10 years? Why not a year from now?”. Well, I didn’t believe it, BUT here I am on my way to achieving it in 1 year!

From week one, I started to implement Rachel’s method hesitantly honestly speaking, but IT WORKS. She understands and adapts to my preferences in coaching methods.

Rachel’s methods, guidance, and tips helped me gain clarity and confidence. Using a clear plan and enjoy the learning curve.

I’ll contact her again in the near future when I’m on my next steps.

Bottom line: Her coaching awesomeness shines through!!!”

Tanya W.

Rachel is calm kind and sympathetic. She is thoroughly reliable and follows up quickly after sessions with links and ideas.

She mixes no-nonsense advice with encouragement to dream of what a better life looks like and plan how to get there.

Rachel’s ready laugh and great warmth mean I always look forward to our sessions.

A. Menon

If you are someone currently having trouble finding clarity and a clear purpose in life, Rachel is the person to speak to.
Her ability to help create a clear road map, as well as keep you aware of possible obstacles and how to tackle them, has been really helpful.
Rachel really does take the effort to understand her client’s goals, objectives and aspirations, and does not shy away from encouraging them to leave no stones unturned. Her contagious entrepreneurial mindset allows others to achieve their absolute potential.
It is no surprise that her skills as a clarity coach is held in high regard all over.

Adrian DeBarros

Rachel, You truly helped and still help me.

I’m no longer chained to one specific company, no longer chained to a single ideology in where I want to go in life.

And I’m able to ebb and flow to where my talents and passion reside.

Thanks to you, I really dug in and evaluated between re-climbing the corporate ladder or creating things I would be proud of when they etch my tombstone – I decided on the latter.

You are a blessing 🙂 

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