Wherever you are traveling to in the world, some questions always come back. 
How to meet people? What can I do when I’m alone? What kind of food is common? How can you adjust easily? How can I relax when I’m stressed?

The answers are in this post, just keep reading.

I recently came back to one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, the one that gives me great energy each time and never get enough of. From beaches and gorgeous landscapes, to very famous cities like  Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples…


This time, I discovered the very South of Italy, from Bari to Lecce and Otranto.


Being in a new environment for some weeks gives me a lot of energy, a lot of new ideas and I rediscover answers to the most common questions about traveling or living abroad.

1. Traveling alone is Lonely? NO WAY!

Traveling alone is what I’m used to and I can only see advantages in solo travel. Check out how here:


2. Make sure to create your moments to relax, anywhere in the world.

You are busy all day, working, organizing things, trying to get things done and lacking time for self-care. Why? Create those small moments to rejuvenate and fill yourself with energy. Here’s how:

‘’Be HAPPY no matter what. It’s a choice.’’

3. Meet new people abroad.

Where do you go? What do you talk about? Be creative, make it fun and enjoy your chats. Here’s how:


4. Traditional food and drinks.

Pasta, olives, cheese, focaccia, bruschetta and espresso are a few typical Italian traditions that are consumed on a daily basis. I usually taste everything and to be honest, I liked all of it, except the garlic they tend to add in a lot. Going to a supermarket to cook your favorite meal can be a challenge too in  a new country. Check out what you find in Italy’s supermarkets:


5. Change your mindset.

Living abroad can be challenging and exciting at the same time. Feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone. Make sure to have a positive mindset. Here’s how:

Take a deep breath. When you’re abroad, some days are great and exciting, and some days are less exciting. You are not alone on this journey. Make sure you have a ton of GREAT days! 

I created more than 17 TIPS for you in this playlist and they are all just one minute, so you’ll learn fast  😀 

Right here:



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