Meet Dave Chesson from Kindlepreneur. How did he built his business? What was his confidence level? How did he create his goal and plan towards it?

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Who is Dave?

A husband and a father first and foremost.  He lived all over the world as a US Navy, and can now call himself a successful online entrepreneur specializing in Kindle e-book marketing.

He’s the founder of, which you can find by clicking here:

Dave has knowledge of SEO, website development, KDP , algorithms, and much more, which you find out by listening or watching the video. If you prefer to download the mp3, simply click here to download.

Don’t hesitate to contact him or me for any questions.

Who is Rachel?

Rachel is a speaker, mentor and author

My book  is available on Amazon: “Awaken Your Confidence: 15 People Share Their Journey to Success”, or by clicking this link:

I empower entrepreneurs to awaken their confidence through facing one’s fears by taking action, use failures as feedback and acknowledge one’s uniqueness.

 My mission is to help people create a clear action plan to boost their confidence by using their own power and get more out of life.

Speaking 6 languages, Rachel moved to several countries for 15+ years.  Facing many challenges incl.  new job, new home, new people, new language etc…along the way, but learned a great amount of experiences she gladly shares with you.  

Find me:  You Tube

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