When Others Put Your Dreams on Hold

When Your Family Doesn’t Support Your Career Dream, what can you do?

You’re over 40 and have great ideas to change your career completely, but your family and friends call you crazy.

Being on a mid-career crossroads can be challenging.

In this video you will learn 5 key things to help you with understanding and dealing with the lack of support from family or friends.

Escape your job the right way. Watch the video and enjoy.

Video Chapters:

00:03 – You announce Amazing News to your family
00:12 – You’re Crazy??
00:30 – Ways to deal with unsupportive ones
00:42 – Escape your 9to5
00:49 – Make Money
01:32 – #1 Crab mentality
02:06 – Envy
03:44 – Saying NO
04:16 – Select your tribe
04:37 – #2 Your Life
04:59 – The Biggest Pain
06:48 – cute dog
07:15 – #3 They don’t get this
07:53 – #4 Safety first
09:12 – Fear is positive!
10:00 – #5 Create Your Trail
11:21 – How to create your path
11:54 – Manifest your job escape
12:11 – Make Money online
12:20 – Set your Navigation
13:04 – Bonus!
14:06 – Resources for you

Watch this video so you can Live Your Dreams📌

Enjoy watching🍀
📌  Create Freedom📌

Ready to Escape Your 9-5?

Don’t wait, life’s too short to waste!


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