“You want your life to be different. Don’t waste any more time!”


For ambitious professionals CRAVING SOMETHING MORE out of life. Create the change you desire. 

The 3 C’s will help you to CHANGE and create the FREEDOM life you deserve to fit your purpose.CLARITY + CONFIDENCE + CREATE YOUR NEXT STEP

ONE ON ONE COACHING60 Minute Power Session: $97

Designed to move you quickly from overwhelm to clarity.  

  • 1:1 COACHING to clarify, shift or boost a specific area of your life
  • Explore your unique situation during a pre-assessment before the session
  • Reduce overwhelm, exhaustion and stuck-ness
  • checkGet rid of self-doubt and worries
  • checkDefine exactly what you want
  • checkShift from confusion to clarity
  • checkBoost your confidence to stretch outside your comfort zone
  • checkMake deliberate choices and decisions
  • checkCo-create achievable action steps towards your goal
  • checkCreate your next steps to break through your daily grind
  • checkCall recording available


ONE ON ONE COACHING60-Day Coaching Program: $5976 Months Coaching Program: $1497

Designed for the ambitious professional who is ready to change and start DOING THE THINGS YOU CRAVE!

  • Pre-assessment call to map out your current situation
  • 5 Bi-weekly 1:1 coaching calls (on the 60 day option)
  • Take away any overwhelm and help you discover exactly what you want
  • checkOvercome fears, self-doubt or limited beliefs, and expand your comfort zone
  • checkGet rid of what is keeping you stuck, what’s in your way
  • checkCo-create a roadmap with a clear starting point and action steps
  • checkConnect with yourself and others more deeply without over committing
  • checkLearn how to awaken your confidence and OWN your strengths
  • checkRedefine yourself to redesign your life and feel empowered
  • checkLearn tools to help empowered decision making
  • checkTake your life to a whole new level of what you thought was possible
  • checkFinally DO the things you desire and do them guilt-free
  • check60 days unlimited support, motivation and guidance (or a 6 month option is available)
  • checkAccountability anytime you need it through email, whatsapp or messenger


“Rachel is amazing! She is a great coach and helps you keep your motivation high.” – Giulia D.N.

“Rachel was wonderful. It was really helpful to help me create my plan, yet allowing me enough freedom to do it in my way, but with tons of tips and appreciated advice to make it all happen. She has tons of experience and I hope to work with her again in the future. Thanks again. A++++” – Brian C.

“Thank you Rachel for cutting my research time in half. She has lots of knowledge of different cultures and language and what steps to take first. It’s like getting feedback on living there from a local. So contact Rachel for a mental head shift, links and information when you want to be an expat in another country.” – Marius W.

“Coaching with Rachel gave me more than actionable steps towards life in another country. It helped me to clarify broader aspects of my life and work that are foundational to our relocation. As something we have been considering for a long time, without really knowing what to do to prepare, I feel like our dream will become a reality and that throughout our journey, we have a fantastic guide to call upon in Rachel.” – Kate S.A.

Create the Life You Want 

I’ve been STUCK and unhappy. A few years ago I was settled in a corporate job, nice title, car, and a monthly paycheck allowing financial security. On top of that I was a real people pleaser, wanting everyone to like me, following others opinions because I lacked the trust and confidence in myself, and basically lived the life I ‘’should’’ and was expected to.You want to quit, change, BE YOU and create happiness?

  • You feel overwhelmed, doubting what is the right for you?
  • You have 1 million questions that keep you stuck.
  • You want to feel Confident, FREE and fulfilled?
  • You want CLARITY on how to start your journey?

I know how it feels to feel LOST and pressured by others’ expectations. I also know how exhausted you feel, because of commitments and a mind filled with thoughts and worries. The good news is that that I’ve learned how to get out of there and I don’t want you to take years to figure it out.You can get your ENERGY back, you LIFE designed how you want with my proven 3 C’s.

How I Work

  • I take action right away so we can move forwards, not backwards.
  • You receive tailored action steps immediately so you can start feeling comfortable straight away.
  • I am straight-forward and fast-paced, so you don’t have to waste time or money, but see results quickly.
  • checkI will ask questions, listen, advise and if needed I will guide you how to do things. You’re not alone.
  • checkYou are unique and deserve unique support. I support you to stand out and do what you want in life to feel successful. Your happiness is my happiness.
  • checkI’m here for you, I’ve got your back. Your journey is like a roller-coaster of emotions, so we’ll laugh on good days and I’ll kick your motivation on less good days.

Read more about me here or how about starting with a free clarity session to create your next step?



As a TEDx speaker, I want to spread inspiring ideas worth sharing. You can book me for a motivational talk, a book reading, presentation or training. My expertise is personal self-development, cultural differences and moving abroad successfully.


  • Your next step in life
  • Achieve cultural competence
  • How you can make a difference with your difference
  • checkCultural dimensions: Theories & practical cases
  • checkHow to live & work abroad successfully
  • checkStop comparing yourself. Be the best YOU!
  • checkBook readings: Awaken Your Confidence and Living Abroad Successfully

Speaking topics are tailored to your specific audience. Prices vary depending on the requirements and session(s) duration. Please contact me for a quote.


  • How to negotiate or conduct business with partners from other cultures
  • How to ensure effective business with other cultures
  • Real-estate agents, cruise terminals, universities, overseas companies are a few examples where my cultural training has proven very effective
  • checkHow to work or live abroad & feel comfortable with the locals
  • checkBecome more culturally sensitive and make a great impression out of every interaction anywhere in the world

Sessions are tailored to your organization. Prices vary depending on the size of the group, your goal, and session(s) duration. Please contact me for a quote.

“Rachel is very competent in the subject area. She communicates powerfully using her own experiences abroad, and sharing practical insights that help me improve my work with international clients. I’ve participated in several cultural trainings, but Rachel added many ‘’Aha’’ moments.”

“Rachel’s training was not only informative, but very hands-on, fun and interactive. Practical tips I can start using today. It exceeded my expectations and I wish it lasted a full day.”

How to Create The Life You Desire

How about starting with a free introduction session to see how it is to work with me?

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