Create the Life You Want

You want to QUIT the daily rut and BE happy!

  • You feel overwhelmed, stressed from a soul-sucking job,
  • You have 1 million questions that keep you stuck,
  • You want to feel FREE and fulfilled,
  • You want CLARITY on how to take the LEAP & start your journey.


I’ve been STUCK and unhappy too.
A few years ago I was settled in a corporate job, hating every minute of it, but the monthly paycheck kept me going.
I was a real people-pleaser, craving to be liked, because I lacked the trust and confidence in myself. I lived the life I ‘’should’’ and was expected to, not the life I truly desired. I decided to QUIT!

If you are fed up feeling stressed and pressured by others’ expectations, exhausted because of commitments and permissions instead of doing what you really want. Let’s talk!

The good news is that that I’ve learned how to get out of there and I don’t want you to take years to figure it out.You can get your ENERGY back, you LIFE designed how you want with my proven 3 C’s.

How I Can Help You

Are you an ambitious professional CRAVING SOMETHING MORE out of life. Create the change you desire.

The 3 C’s will help you to CHANGE and create the FREEDOM life you deserve to fit your purpose.



 Coaching Program

Designed for the ambitious professional who is ready to change and


  • 1:1 COACHING to shift from chaos to clarity
  • Get rid of fear, self-doubt and worry
  • Eliminate confusion from idea or information overload
  • Boost your confidence to stretch outside your comfort zone
  • Take the next steps to break through your daily grind
  • Reduce overwhelm and discover exactly what you want
  • Make a clear plan with a starting point and actionable steps
  • Redefine yourself to redesign your life and feel empowered
  • Finally DO the things you desire and do them guilt-free
  • Unlimited support, motivation and guidance through email or WhatsApp





Rachel is amazing! She is a great coach and helps you keep your motivation high

Giulia D.N.

Rachel was wonderful. It was really helpful to help me create my plan, yet allowing me enough freedom to do it in my way, but with tons of tips and appreciated advice to make it all happen. She has tons of experience and I hope to work with her again in the future. Thanks again. A++++

Brian C

Rachel is amazing! She has helped me to realize things about myself and gave me the tools to improve in many areas. I truly believe her compassion and direct nature are helping to bring out the best in me!

Tasha C.

Coaching with Rachel gave me more than actionable steps. It helped me to clarify broader aspects of my life and work that are foundational for my future. Thinking about it for a long time, without really knowing what to do to prepare, I feel like our dream will become a reality and that throughout our journey, we have a fantastic guide to call upon in Rachel.

Kate S.A

What You Receive

  • Clarity about what you truly want.
  • Tailored action steps so you can start moving forward to a new future.
  • I am straight-forward and fast-paced, so you don’t have to waste time or money, but see results quickly.
  • You’re not alone.  You receive guidance to move from chaos to clarity. Mind-shifts will help to see opportunities, not limitations.
  • You are unique and deserve unique support. You will stand out and be the best version of yourself. Your happiness is my happiness.
  • I’ve got your back. Your journey is like a roller-coaster of emotions, so we’ll laugh on good days and I’ll kick your motivation on less good days.

How about starting with a free clarity session to create your next step?


“Rachel showed me that I can work towards my goals by doing what I love. She just “click and to the point” right away!

In our first meeting, Rachel made me questioned my then perception of financial goals. She said: ” Achieve financial goals within 10 years? Why not a year from now?”. Well, I didn’t believe it before, BUT here I am on my way to achieving it in 1 year!

From week one, I started to implement Rachel’s method hesitantly honest speaking but it works. She understands and adapts to my preferences in coaching methods. 

Rachel’s methods, guidance, and tips helped me gain clarity and confidence. Using a clear plan and enjoy the learning curve.

I’ll contact her again near future when I’m on my next steps. 

Bottom line: Her coaching awesomeness shines through!!!”

Patrecia S.


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